It’s been a little over a year since Of The World Books began and we’ve got eight cracking titles under our belt. That’s pretty exciting, don’t you think?

Of The World Books came about because, particularly in the world of interiors, there’s a lot of ‘on trend’ type of stuff out there in the world, but not a lot of ‘people just loving how they live’ on show. We’ve found that people who love where they live tend to be so busy living, they don’t show their life very much. We realised that there are homes out there, lived in by all sorts of interesting people, and the reason they are beautiful and perfect is not because of how they are ‘styled’, but because of how they are enjoyed! The more places we came across, the more we wanted to share them with everyone else. After all, who doesn’t love getting a little sneaky look into someone else’s home?

Then, it wasn’t long before we discovered that food was a little like interiors. There’s a lot out there that sounds pretty good, and looks pretty amazing, but it’s not always easy to replicate (sometimes that’s because the food that is photographed isn’t the same as the food in the recipes!) Therefore, we made it our mission to show people the real deal. It can still look and taste nice, but there’s a story behind every single recipes that makes it truly great (which, we think, makes it look and taste better too!)

So, our mission to you is this: no styling, no photoshopping, no advertisements. The writers we use and the people who share their homes are happy to tell like it is. Of course, they’ve tidied things up before we get there (sometimes) but on the whole, this is real life. And it’s amazing! We can’t wait for you to see more – if you keep an eye out, there’s loads more titles still to come.

That being said, making a book is a pretty big process. It takes time. And that’s awesome, because you know when you hold one of our books in your hands (they feel awesome) and read it over and over again (and you will) that they’re well worth the wait. This also means that we can’t always include everything we’d love to. Sometimes we find amazing spaces that don’t quite fit into anything we are working on, but we still feel they should be shared and enjoyed…simply because it’s an interesting story. That’s why this blog was born! Posting interesting, unique and wonderful properties from around the globe.

If you want to keep up to date on what we are doing, see behind the scenes of us making those books or just generally get a little more insight into Of The World Books, you can follow us on Instagram, or Facebook.

Check out all of our titles here, and scroll down for a little look at some of the great places we’ve discovered so far.

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