There’s no sanctuary from murder – a Detective Sergeant Rory James Mystery


When a Melbourne couple in witness protection are found assassinated in their bed, zoology student Josh Marshall recognises the address. He quickly realises he had inadvertently been an unseen witness to a bent cop divulging the couple’s location to the hitman … and he has the hard evidence to prove it.

Coming forward and ending up in witness protection himself was hardly an option, that is until, a one-million-dollar reward is offered on the tenth anniversary of the killings. Is there a way he and his partner, lawyer Martha Portillo, can obtain the reward without ever revealing their identities?

Not without re-igniting lethal suspicions amongst the perpetrators. And not without the scrutiny of Detective Sergeant Rory James, returning to duty to face his own demons. His irresolute probe as a still-disparaged colleague winds through Bendigo, Bundoora and St Kilda to an unlikely faceoff in Margaret River.

Wetland is a 5.06 x 7.81 inch, 294 page book. Black and white and printed on a soft, recycled paper with a matt laminate paperback cover.


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