Mother: memories, moments & stories



Inspiring and kind. Funny and smart. 

Different but also the same. Ask writers to talk about their mothers and the emotion is intense.

This collection from the Central Victorian community reminds us that there is no relationship as special as that of a mother with her children. 

List of contributors:Rosemary Sorensen, Elizabeth Beck, Rodney Carter, T.S.F. Dowling, Kate Foulds, Pam Harvey, Sophie Hay, Helen Hickson, Nat Jane, Shann Lions, Benjamin MacEllen, Karen Lee Mills, Jenny Mitchell, Jenny Mustey, Joan Strack O’Brien, Shobie Owen, Dawn Rasmussen, Jacqueline Anne Sheridan and Deb Wain. Cover image by Lauren Starr.

Mother is a 4″ x 7″, 128 page book produced as part of the 2020 Bendigo Writer’s Festival.   Black and white text printed on a soft, recycled cream paper with a matt laminate paperback cover.


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